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2009 - Year of The Faeries !

by FaerieMajikk , January 31, 2009—07:16 AM

Topics: 2009, children, dragon, fae, faerie, faeriemajikk, fairy, fantasy, procrastination

I am ready to put the past year of procrastination behind me, this year will be the year of the faeries! I am sure you are asking yourself...huh? Being a fantasy artist I have found that the genre does not appear to have a very big following, although I am sure that there are many people who like an enjoy fantasy art, I just don't know if there are a great deal of people actually buying fantasy art. So not only is this wild prediction of 2009 being the year of the faeries being about me, I think it is about all fantasy artists. I plan on converting as many art collectors as I can.

This amazing genre is not just about pretty pictures of faeries,mermaids and dragons. While it is that too, it is like all the other genres, there is meaning in this genre and it is just as deep as abstract or surrealism etc.

Fantasy Art is about finding that part of yourself that lurks deep within your soul, that feeling of wonderment and innocence that a child possesses, the place inside you where anything is possible and everything new is an adventure.

I think we all want to find that inner child within ourselves, i am actually not too sure that I ever lost my inner child...or perhaps at 27 with 3 children i had but then found it again as i look into my children's faces to see that brilliant sparkle of brand-new amazement.

Oh but now i digress, As I did say was that I was going to stop with the procrastination, and just get on with what I really need to get on with. Fantasy Art and certainly lots of it. Weather it is a sign of me being unsure of my work,talent and potential I guess only I can really answer that, but if there is no doubt in one's ability or talent then one is hardly going to strive for anything more than that.

Please do comment on this, tell me what you think about art,fantasy or procrastination.



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