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Stay at home mother to 4 boys, does not have a car license and really needs to stop procrastinating. Fantasy Art is my life Add Comment


Even though I am an adult I do still find a lot of wonder and magic in the world of Fantasy...I do like the idea of trolls under bridges, dragon caves and the thought of faerie beings living at the bottom of my garden...

Art Education . . . The only education i have had with regards to Art has been in High School, I never when to Uni to get a degree, Everything i do has been self-taught which I feel is a great achievement, learning new things through trial and error is much more satisfying than being told what will and won't work even before they are put into practice. I always enjoy trying new things and find that the journey of learning and trying the new is a wonderful experience.

On A Personal Note . . . I am 27, Married with 3 adorable children (All Boys) I have my hands full I can tell you. I live in a small Country town in NSW, Australia, I sell primarily online as Fantasy Art is not really embraced in a small town. As a child I always enjoyed my own company which is still true even now, I think because I was often viewed as the weird arty girl who wore paintbrushes in her hair! - I tended to lose them other wise ;) I am a really down - to - earth person with a fair amount of patience!


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