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FabuArt.Com Introduces Five Amazing Oil Paintings Including Spatula, Cityscape, Metal Wall Art

by fabuart , May 10, 2013—12:00 AM

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New York, USA: FabuArt.Com, a major vendor of hand-painted oil paintings, metal wall art, spatula paintings, and sculptures in the U.S.A and Canada, has added five exceptional pieces of paintings under cityscape art, abstract art and metal wall art genres to its collections of thousands of artworks. The completely original, hand-painted and authentic ready-to-hang pieces of paintings are now available for grabs for art fans from the U.S.A, Canada and across the globe at reasonable prices.

The new oil paintings that include an awesome spatula flower tree painting, Las Vegas cityscape and New York cityscape painting are created by the skilled professional artists of Images of the paintings are already uploaded to the FabuArt______________s art gallery and they are also available for purchases from its brick & mortar stores in New York, accross U.S.A and Canada.

Spatula Flower Tree Painting (48 × 24 inches): It is a masterpiece from one of FabuArt______________s artists. At a glance at the painting, you will feel that what a wonderful piece of artwork it is. The highly textured oil painting on canvas depicts a tree and its flowers with the realistic edges and curves fabulously bulging out. This wonderful spatula artwork comes for $325.

Las Vegas Cityscape Painting (64 × 33 inches): It is a 100% hand-painted heavily textured oil painting of the Gambling Capital of the world. The artwork stretches on wooden bars of 1.5 inches and is definitely a ready to hand piece. The price of the painting goes at $299.

Metal 606 Art (66 × 36 inches): It is one of the best metal wall artworks in FabuArt______________s rich painting collections. Created on a rigid aluminum plate, it mixes together rich and vibrant colors to compose the artwork, offering an ultra glossy finish and grand look. This abstract metal wall art comes with mounting brackets on back so it is much easy for you to hang on your walls as soon as it is delivered to you. It is priced at $349.

Metal 604 Art (66 × 36 inches): It is yet another breathtaking metal wall abstract art that is also created on a rigid aluminum plate. It is a rather bluish abstract art, and kind of pointing to the wild sea. This metal wall art also comes with solid mounting brackets for easy hanging on your wall. It also carries the same $349 price tag.

New York Painting (63 × 33 inches): The city of New York has always been a stirring subject for landscape art painters. This wonderful abstract art oil painting merges the ablaze New York city with nature in a more darkish and hazy portrayal. This 100% hand-painted textured oil painting on canvas is up for sales at for $225.

About Fabuart

FabuArt is a leading online vendor of oil paintings, metal wall art, spatula paintings, and sculptures for home and office d___'____cor. FabuArt sells only high quality, 100% original and ready-to-hang pieces of artwork to art fans in the U.S.A, Canada and all over the world from its warehouses in New York, U.S.A and Montreal, Canada; thus, customers can receive their favorite paintings in few days. FabuArt finds each piece of its art paintings from the professionally trained fine art experts from all over the world.

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