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How to Find Artworks that Suit your Home: A Quick Guideline

by fabuart , April 23, 2013—12:00 AM

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Getting a painting for the home is an activity which will not just stir up some excitement in your life but will also give you an added reason to gaze at your walls. Oil paintings Oil paintings and other modern artwork can do wonders to your interiors. It is always recommended to bring home some artworks so that you can savor their charm for the rest of your life. However, it is equally important to buy paintings that suit your home and live up to your individual tastes.

Here is a quick guideline on how to find an artwork for your home:

i. Go through an eclectic range of works: It is always a wise decision to check out a wide repertoire of works of varying genres before selecting one. This is why it is said that the best way to buy a painting is to buy it online. In the web world, you can come across a huge range and even check out specific themes in just a matter of minutes.

ii. Estimating the perfect size: A painting which is very large may not suit your home if the wall-space is less. Similarly, if the walls are lavishly sprawled, then a small painting will get underwhelmed. It is therefore very important to take a mental measurement of your wall_____ dimensions and buy a perfectly sized artwork accordingly.

iii. Figuring out the right color: Colors play a great role both on your room's_____ wall and canvas alike. So, it is vital to get the combination right. The color in the painting must be in sync with that in the wall. A little bit of contrast is good, but too much oddity will make both the wall and the painting appear pretty bland!

iv. Take your furnishing into consideration: Your choice of Oil paintings must also be influenced by your furnishing style. If your home is furnished in a classic manner, then you should choose an artwork which has that early 20th or 19th century look. On the other hand, if your house is furnished in a contemporary style, then the right paintings for home decor would be those which are contemporary. Old goes with old, and new best complements the new!

v. Making amendments to your rooms: Sometimes, it may so happen that your heart is itching for one particular painting which you have seen on the net, but it is not going with your home decor. In that case, instead of stifling your desire, it will be best to make a small amendment to your room and buy it.



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