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The value of a painting essentially rests in its color and shape rather than anything else. You would know the fact that pure abstract art does not imitate objects, but derives its effects from the inner self. Appreciating an abstract art needs a kind of intellectual aestheticism. Probably you can think of adding an abstract art painting to your wall decor. Abstract art is primarily a mixture of shattered colors and images, painted on a canvas of pre-fixed ideas. It would not be that much suggestive that you find it difficult to extract their meanings. But in other way, it is quite interesting to look deep into an art painting and point out multiple meanings at the same time… Continue reading… 1 comment

New York, USA : FabuArt.Com, a major vendor of hand-painted oil paintings, metal wall art, spatula paintings, and sculptures in the U.S.A and Canada, has added five exceptional pieces of paintings under cityscape art, abstract art and metal wall art genres to its collections of thousands of artworks. The completely original, hand-painted and authentic ready-to-hang pieces of paintings are now available for grabs for art fans from the U.S.A, Canada and across the globe at reasonable prices. The new oil paintings that include an awesome spatula flower tree painting, Las Vegas cityscape and New York cityscape painting are created by the skilled professional artists of FabuArt.comContinue reading… 0 comments

Getting a painting for the home is an activity which will not just stir up some excitement in your life but will also give you an added reason to gaze at your walls. Oil paintings Oil paintings and other modern artwork can do wonders to your interiors. It is always recommended to bring home some artworks so that you can savor their charm for the rest of your life. However, it is equally important to buy paintings that suit your home and live up to your individual tastes. Here is a quick guideline on how to find an artwork for your home: i. Go through an eclectic range of works: It is always a wise decision to check out a wide repertoire of works of varying genres before selecting one… Continue reading… 0 comments

French artists have had a great impact on the sands of time. It is well known that France has been a treasure trove of numerous great artists over the years. Even in the medieval era, the country was teeming with painters and artists who were far-sighted and would highlight several issues through their works. Now, there is a great demand for these works. Not just the classic paintings, but also the modern art paintings have made headlines for their expressive nature. Now, a hobbyist or a collector readily pays a huge sum just to buy one of these paintings. But you need not be a millionaire to bring these masterpieces into your drawing rooms. There are some terrific websites which offer French paintings for sale… Continue reading… 0 comments