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Engelina Zandstra About

My main inspiration is my imagination. I call my work therefore: "Landscapes of the Mind". My work is achieved by improvisation, the starting point is a certain idea I have in mind. Colors are also very important to me for the atmosphere of a work. In most cases the ultimate result of a painting has passed many stages before it has reached its final form. My style is abstract or abstract-figurative. Topics: abstract, landscapes, human figures, animals, cityscapes. 1 comment


Engelina Zandstra is a Dutch artist born in Hilversum, now living in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since 1992 she followed in Amsterdam many courses in the field of painting, etching, modelling and silk-screen painting. Autodidact.

During the last years she chiefly applies herself chiefly to painting, with acrylic paint on canvas.

My work can best be described as lyrical-abstract.

Usually I work in many thin layers on top of each other. Each new layer gives inspiration for the following one, with new ideas.

Because of the different layers and colours, the acrylic paint gets depth and character.

In a figurative work, there are sometimes two or more human figures present. That symbolizes for me human relationships.

I consider my paintings being like music, they don't need words for explanation.

The forms and colours composing it are the language of understanding.

Each one tells his own tale, that can be different for each person looking at them.


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