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TET (The Extraordinary Tourist) Art Blog

Tangled Toys

by etourist , October 16, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: "TET's, Art"

I'd painted many cats and even a few dogs but never both in the same artwork (excluding 'The Boss, Awen, Frodo and Monty' which included a dog and two cats but was a commissioned work rather than a work entirely of my own inspiration).

The concept for this artwork started out with the idea of placing the dog and cat in a Yin-yang style composition but when it came to the painting I felt it needed something to fill the corners. So in the end the picture became a fight over who gets to play with which toy.

If you'd like to know more information about this artwork, including watching the work as it was being created then play the video below.

You can make your own free, high quality print of this work (suitable for framing) from this post in my TET site blog.

Alternatively you can buy high quality prints from my Red Bubble, TET's Cats site.



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