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TET (The Extraordinary Tourist) Art Blog

Introducing The Extraordinary Tourist

by etourist , October 4, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: artists

'The Extraordinary Tourist', more commonly known as 'TET', is me, David Arandle, South Australian Artist, writer and online video producer.

The name 'The Extraordinary Tourist' comes from one of my own fictional, character creations, with the name its self being inspired by the book title, 'The Accidental Tourist' (which you may know as a movie staring William Hurt). I adopted it as my online nickname to draw attention to myself in online forums and it has gradually become the brand name for all my personal creativity.

My art is primarily based around the fictional characters that I create through my drawing, painting and writing (and any other 'ings' you care to think of). I work mostly with Acrylics and Chalk pastels.

I have been selling my art online since 1997 through my own web site and Ebay and have become known for my whimsical paintings of cats.

As I've mentioned my art is not the limit of my creativity hence a visit to my main web site is where you'll find my main blog (where I write about many topics) and links to many of my videos (which often show me creating my art).




  Mary ( homepage )

10/06/2008 * 16:07:54

We spent half the morning in the office watching your videos. The Mona Lisa one is hysterical as is the minimalism one. Thanks for a great treat. We love you!


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

10/04/2008 * 21:02:58

Welcome TET,

Loved your videos!

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