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TET (The Extraordinary Tourist) About

Online I am known as TET or 'The Extraordinary Tourist'. My real name is 'David Arandle'. I'm a self represented artist, video maker and writer of social commentary observations amongst many other things. I'm currently based in Gawler, South Australia. Add Comment


Since completing my Diploma of Arts (Art and Design) in 1994 I have been a self represented artist, working professionally both as a freelance artist and designer from 1995 to the present.

In 1997 I opened my own studio gallery in Perth, Western Australia from which I created and sold my original artworks. At the same time I registered my art and design business, Art Time Productions through which you can commission an artwork, web site design or logo design.

Entirely by chance, in 1999, my work started to sell online through various community forums that I participated in. Inspired by this I decided to exclusively sell my art through the internet.

In April of 1999 I adopted the online nickname 'The Extraordinary Tourist', taken from one of my own fictional character creations, to grab people's attention in online forums. Due to the name's length I became known as TET, a pseudonym with which I have signed all my paintings with since 2007 (Prior to that I used my real name, David Arandle).

Since 2001 I have been selling my own original artworks through my TET web site and Ebay.

From 1995 I have worked primarily using acrylics overlaid with soft chalk pastels on canvas but switched exclusively to acrylics on canvas in 2007.

I'm most known for my whimsical, cat themed paintings but do paint other themes and characters from time to time.

My art is primarily based around the fictional characters that I create through my drawing, painting and writing (and any other 'ings' you care to think of).

All my original artworks are sold unframed to keep postage costs to a minimum. They can be hung as is or you can arrange your own framing.

My work has been bought by collectors all around my home country, Australia and world wide, in particular the USA.

Prints of my art can be bought through my online shop or through my Red Bubble site.

When I'm not creating art I write on a range of topics in my personal blog and create videos that often feature my art being created.


2009, Upcoming Exhibition August, 'Introducing The Extraordinary Tourist', The Gawler Community Gallery, Gawler, South Australia.

2004-2005, 'Sleeping Cats', Online Exhibition, (9 artworks).

Who's Talking About Me

2008, Hazel Dooney, Google-eyed.

2008, Canvas and Pen, Spotlight Artist.

2008, Free Wheely, Peugeot 607 Feline: Cat or Spaceship?.

2008, Eric T. Francis, Untitled: I've been tagged.

2007, Pennlive, Tet ~ The Extraordinary Tourist.


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South Australia
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