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Heather Neff About

I am not your average photographer. I enjoy shooting outside, on the fly as those images tend to come out better than any i have preplanned. I also enjoy experimenting in painting and printmaking, and seeing how i can take those mediums and combine them with my photography. At heart i am more than a photographer, i am an artist. 2 comments


I was born in Boynton Beach Florida in 1985. I moved to South Carolina with my family in 1997. As a child in Florida i took all kinds of Art classes, from pottery and fabric dying to painting and cartoon drawing. After we moved to South Carolina i started enrolling in art classes at my high school. My graduation present was my first SLR camera, film not digital. That is when i really got my start with photography. I have been to a couple colleges for different majors, but finally settled on Photography as a career and came to the Art Institute of Charleston. I am currently a senior and look fore ward to graduating next May. After that I will be getting my MFA from the Hartford School of Art in Connecticut.


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