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Edward Snyder "The Turn at Facing Rock"

"Nashawannuck Pond""Jackies Place""A Cavacade of Springfield Technology""The Turn at Facing Rock""Together Forever""Browns Farm" circa 1740
"The Turn at Facing Rock"
36" x 24"
Painting / Acrylic
Photo Realism
Sold at $2000.00

"The Turn at Facing Rock"

This is a painting of the GeeBee racing airplane manufactured in Springfield Mass. It was commissioned by the Peoples Bank in East Springfield where the aircraft was built, the original is on display in the lobby. The area, as indicated by the title, is a rock cliff at the Facing Rock Wildlife Management Area in Ludlow. The year the painting was created was 2009, 80 years after the great depression. At that time it looked as if we were heading towards another "crash" as many banks were closing. But this was for a new bank opening after the great bailout. It is my depiction of the American economy (depicted in red, white and a blue sky), racing towards another "crash" but turning to avoid it at the last second.