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Edward Snyder Recent Commissions

"Nashawannuck Pond"
  • "Nashawannuck Pond"
  • Painting | 47" x 24"
  • acrylic
  • This was a corporate commission installed in the main branch of Easthampton Savings Bank. The painting is of the pond in the center of Easthampton during the spring blossoming. Of interest is the fact that Mt Tom's reflection in the background is known by locals to form a bottle on it's side. This is especially interesting in that Easthampton and Westhampton are divided by the fact that Westhampton is a "dry" town where no alcohol is sold or served. One could say that this is a portrait of not only the pond, but of the lifestyles of the two very different towns. They are depicted here separated, with the wet and wild on one side and a dry man-made peaceful utopia on the other.
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"Jackies Place"
  • "Jackies Place"
  • Acrylic Painting | 36" x 24"
  • This was a personal commission painting for a corporate client for his daughter. It's more of a portrait of her beloved horse "Walter." As the title suggests it's a landscape of her homestead, but it's more about her place in life.
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"A Cavacade of Springfield Technology"
  • "A Cavacade of Springfield Technology"
  • Acrylic Painting | 36" x 24"
  • This work was commissioned by the new Museum of Springfield History for their opening promotional poster. It is a procession of vehicles manufactured in Springfield from latest to oldest and leading out of the new museum in the background. The original painting is the property of the museum. So what ever happened to the automobile manufacturing in Springfield? The great depression of 1929 is what happened.
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"The Turn at Facing Rock"
  • "The Turn at Facing Rock"
  • Acrylic Painting | 36" x 24"
  • This is a painting of the GeeBee racing airplane manufactured in Springfield Mass. It was commissioned by the Peoples Bank in East Springfield where the aircraft was built, the original is on display in the lobby. The area, as indicated by the title, is a rock cliff at the Facing Rock Wildlife Management Area in Ludlow. The year the painting was created was 2009, 80 years after the great depression. At that time it looked as if we were heading towards another "crash" as many banks were closing. But this was for a new bank opening after the great bailout. It is my depiction of the American economy (depicted in red, white and a blue sky), racing towards another "crash" but turning to avoid it at the last second.
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"Together Forever"
  • "Together Forever"
  • Acrylic Painting | 40" x 24"
  • This was a private commission in memory of the woman in the painting. Her family wanted her to be portrayed along side of her husband as they looked some 50 years ago. Their home is a restored tavern from colonial days, the rocks were part of a toll bridge leading to the tavern. He is 80 plus years old and it is only a matter time before he crosses over to join her on the other side-forever. I guess the painting has a destiny in that respect.
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"Browns Farm" circa 1740
  • "Browns Farm" circa 1740
  • Acrylic Painting | 40" x 18"
  • This was a commission from the Palmer Mass. Conservation Commission. Browns Farm, shown here as an artist depiction in the original state from circa 1740's, is now the Pattaquattic Hill Conservation Area. The stone walls and foundations are still out there. Brown started with an Ox and only two pigs, shown separated here as the sow is "expecting." It is said that over three hundred of these types of New England pigs free ranged out from Brown's Farm all over Palmer. Note: The Palmer Conservation Commission ordered 50 giclee' style prints along with this commission as a fund raiser.
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