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Donald C. Art Blog

Mr.Donald's Chinese Cursive Hand Calligraphy-:

by eshowart , June 23, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Chinese art, brush, calligraphy, calligraphy collection, chinese calligraphy, cursive hand calligraphy, cursivehand calligraphy, donald cao, painting, shufa, water color

Mr.Donald's art work of Cursive Hand Calligraphy-:"FACE ALL DIFFICULTIES WITH EASE" (1)Name:ID20090052705 20110528 "FACE ALL DIFFICULTIES WITH EASE"

(2)Style:Chinese Chairman Mao's Poem,Cursive Hand Calligraphy by Mr.Donald Cao,2008,on Chinese Rice Paper by Brush ,Size:62"×31".

(3)Enjoying Point :

(A)By using brush in cursive and fast way,it one time forms the rhythm changes of ink lines and paper spaces divided as well as impressional images like people running,stones falling ,cloud flowing,snake jumping,birds dancing and stars spreading in the sky etc..The Ink lines wiith the spaces divided also forms the complete falling image to express the social's trend can cover all obstacles when the Public Revolution happened in China 1949. (B)By brush moving,the Ink Color keeps changing from shallow to dark(5 Ink Colors) & wet to dray. ©Most Ink Lines are created by the soft brush but keeps in the mid posotion in moving so as to express solid feeling of the ink line. (D)In every row,you can find the ink area is strictly balanced although the ink line jumps from the left to the right.It speaks for the philosophic theory of transform between moving & still.



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