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An american Artist in Japan

by emit2u2 , November 8, 2007—09:18 AM

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Since I'm new at this blogging, I(m just going to talk about being an American artist here in Japan. I came here while still a grad student from the States intending to stay a year or so. I have ended up being here for almost half my life now. Believe me, it hasn't been easy either! Sometimes I find myself completely lost in understanding not only the language but the culture as well. I really believe that you have to live in a foreign environment for at least five years before you can make any claim to just beginning to understand it. It also takes that long for you to let go of enough of your own cultural values and upbringing to be able to embrace another. To be continued....




  Marcia Silva ( homepage )

10/19/2008 * 17:39:39

I know what you mean!! I am Brazilian living in US for 8 year now...Even though the differences between Brazil and U.S. is not as Big as Japan and U.S., I still have adaptation problems...I realize that even from one state to the other in the same country there are going to be differences always...Anyway I look forward to read more about your experiences in Japan.

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