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Tim Ernst Art Blog

getting started

by emit2u2 , October 25, 2007—06:52 AM

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Hello, everyone; I'm new at all this so any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated Tim Ernst




  MI Staff ( homepage )

11/07/2007 * 13:39:52

We are all a little new at this Tim, I am still finding my way around, still not sure about the tag thing. Maybe we should have Maria explain it. But a blog can really drive traffic to your site especially if you designate a Topic.
Keep it up, we're reading!
(I'd like to read about your experience in Japan)


  Maria Williams-Russell ( homepage )

10/25/2007 * 21:11:35

Using your blog is a great way to start. Had you not posted a messege, I would never have seen your work, which I think is beautiful.

Keep up the posts and the great work!

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