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Plein Air Painting @ Szot Park, Chicopee, MA

by Ellen , July 3, 2011—04:00 PM

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I went out to plein air paint with two of my best students, Emma Winkler and Samantha Kratzer. Both students had no experience with such an experience. I am very pleased with their studio work but I thought it was time to explore this method of creating a painting with them. They were enthusiastic and that made it a pleasure.

I would like to offer this as a course at my studio so this was sort of a dry run. The only problem with this is that Sam and Emma are students of high caliber and have high tolerance to the task at hand. So, after this lovely day was over, I am not sure that this is a realistic expectation of a plein air lesson for beginners. Anyway, I learned a lot about the logistics of the operation.

The other major problem with having outdoor workshops is the weather and planning for a rain date. The day we planned to go out could not have been more perfect. Low 80's no humidity and very light breeze (so no easels were knocked over).

The girls say they are up for it again so it will hopefully happen before they return to college.



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