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Ellen Sullivan Farley Art Blog

Golden Sunlight

by Ellen , September 11, 2010—09:19 PM

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This painting was done soon upon my return home to Chicopee, MA from the Cape. I like to go out to the Hadley - Amherst area as there is a wonderful view of the Mt. Holyoke range there along with the rolling hills and farms. This day of painting was extremely hot. EXTREMELY. Things turned out well though. I think the dog had had it that day. At least at the Cape there was a good breeze.




  Ellen Farley ( homepage )

07/03/2011 * 16:06:28

Thanks, Mary. As you can see I haven't checked the blog in a while. (That's an understatement!) I have a Scion xB that square car and it has a back gate that goes upward and I use that as my shade when I can. But seriously, IT WAS HOT!


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

09/12/2010 * 22:00:55

I just love your paintings of the Hadley/Amherst area, the scenes are so familiar and I feel like I'm there!
I don't know how you painted in that heat, I don't know how you even went outside in that heat. Didn't the paint melt?

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