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Ellen Sullivan Farley Art Blog

Painting vacation @ Truro, MA

by Ellen , September 11, 2010—09:12 PM

Topics: Gallery, Landscape, MA, Ocean, Provincetown, Truro, display of art, fan, figure, green, seascape

The first week of August, I went on a painting vacation with my dog, Bandit. It was in North Truro, MA (Cape Cod). It was absolutely fabulous, I am definitely doing this again. The whole week is about plein air painting and no one to bother me or worry about if they are having a good time.

In this photo, I am working on touching up some of the painting, "View of Provincetown From Truro". It was very windy up on the bluff where I was painting and at one point the whole painting flew off the easel into the sand. So, there is real Cape Cod sand in that painting.




  Ellen Farley ( homepage )

07/03/2011 * 16:08:36

Yes, the Cape is fabulous! I am returning there in a few weeks. Yes, Jason, that posture is not comfortable but Thank God that is not where I was painting. When I was up on the bluff I usually stand at the easel. Then the wind knocks me down.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

09/14/2010 * 21:00:05

The Cape is a treasure trove of gorgeous scenery, compositions, colors and shifting light. I'm so glad you were able to spend some time there.


  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

09/14/2010 * 00:38:05

that doesn't look very comfortable.

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