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by Ellen , January 1, 2009—06:01 PM

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I just recently entered my painting "Moody Bridge Road" in the Faber Birren National Color Awards show and got accepted. The juror was Nora Lawrence, who is an assistant curator at Museum of Modern Art NY, so, I was quite pleased. This was the first non-regional show I have been accepted into. It was interesting to see the other pieces in the show as many were quite abstract and non-objective in nature (which didn't surprise me since it was a show about color. There was only one other landscape in the show along with me.

Take a look at Moody Bridge Road and let me know what you think! I think it is amusing that I never really like doing landscapes and it is a landscape that got me into this show.

I went to Italy in 2005 for a landscape painting workshop and it was fabulous. Really about painting and not hanging out and visiting places to look at art or such. That workshop really inspired me.




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07/30/2009 * 16:59:05

Thanks for your comments, Millie.Just keep sending them out and one will make it finally!



01/01/2009 * 23:21:36

Hi Ellen, I sent you a comment but it didnt go on--so here it is again--in case you get 2. I loved your painting and colors, I am glad that you got it in the show. I entered one last month and guess they were too realistic--didnt make it. Oh well.. thats life. Milllie



01/01/2009 * 23:14:40

Hi Ellen, I really love this painting and I can see why it got in the show. I entered a show last month but was rejected--all too realistic I guess. Congratulations!!! It is hard to get in some shows anymore. Millie giftsmith

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