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Ellen Sullivan Farley Art Blog

New Studio Space

by Ellen , July 16, 2008—09:41 PM

Topics: Chicopee, Gallery, art school, display of art, original artwork, paintings for sale

I am very excited as I am getting a new studio space downstairs in the building I am presently in. The present studio is fantastic but the one downstairs is an older style retail space with two sides of display windows to the public. Right in the middle of a very busy intersection in Chicopee, MA. I am hoping to exhibit my artwork in the windows and get more students for my studio/school. Can't wait. It is exciting and scary all at once.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

07/17/2008 * 13:40:40

Good luck with this change! The public view should be good for your art business, and I would value it, too, as a two way view. Being closer to the street can cut down on the sense of isolation that an artist can get with long periods in the studio. Caroline

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