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Eleanor McIntosh Art Blog

Oil painting using an underpainting

by eleanormcintosh , July 18, 2010—09:27 PM

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Most of my paintings are done using an underpainting in the style of the Old Dutch and Flemish Masters. The underpainting shows the light and the shadow - it is not a monochrome in the usual sense of the word. It is more of a value statement. This is a picture of the finished underpainting of the third painting in my Gallery #1, titled Getting Educated. It is a very interesting process and, if done correctly, adding the color is the easiest part of the painting. There are three stages when you do a painting this way - the underpainting, which should take the longest because it must be correct, the color stage and the adjustment stage - highlights, grounding marks, etc. The last two stages, while they do take time, are relatively easy if your underpainting is correct. The third stage I call the fun stage because that is where things come to life. The result of using an underpainting, if done correctly, is a luminosity which can__™t be achieved with direct painting.




  Hazel Ross ( homepage )

07/20/2010 * 21:14:30

Well thank you for that information! I enjoyed reading about how to do it and was impressed with the final result. I must try the technique myself... I tend to slap on color without too much thought!

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