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looking for love in all the wrong places

by elaineKG , January 8, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Education, career as an artist, classes, jobs, make money, training, work

Do you want a career that will leave you feeling good all over at the end of the day? One where people say "THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming today!" Do you want to feel loved? Then you really need to try teaching those people in our community who are not given the chance to make art usually. I developed a special way of teaching painting that makes the process accessible for all ages and abilities, no matter physical problems or attention issues. This program was so popular that I began teaching other artists how to use this method to meet the demand and have a chance to experience the joy of sharing the secrets of art making in a way that is truly a therapeutic experience for many. If you are an artist looking for meaningful work or know a group or individual who needs the joy of making art in their lives, check out my website,




  Mario Brunet ( homepage )

01/31/2013 * 23:26:10

Very Pretty,
The World Will Be Stupid with out, Arts

Glad to be and Artist Guys,keep doing
Love it !!!!


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