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Elaine Griffith Art Blog

Earn Your Living as an Artist

by elaineKG , June 17, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Education, career as an artist, classes, jobs, make money, training, work

Hello Fellow Artists,

I have spent 25 years using my art talents to earn a living. I do sell my art work but I also have created another more stable income. And I can tell YOU how to have this business too.

Are you wishing you could spend your workday drawing, mixing colors, and making a big difference in someone's life? Do YOU feel rewarded in your present job? You can have a job where people thank you everyday for teaching them to paint with this simple to learn method.

Take a short training program and become an Art is 4 Every1 Certified Instructor. You will have the tools to start your own art business.

Go to for full details and to register.

One of the best side benefits of this business is your own art will improve at the same time as you work on the "problem" of breaking down each photo into steps to teach the painting and mixing the paint. This will give you practice over and over.

Join us!





  Leonore Alaniz ( homepage )

02/02/2013 * 20:09:39 still reading and liking ArtId better with every page I discover.


  Dee Callahan ( homepage )

02/04/2011 * 04:06:33

Fantastic blog. I really enjoyed reading it! Thanx for sharing~ It was very well written and super easy to follow... It truly flowed~

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