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Do you want a career that will leave you feeling good all over at the end of the day? One where people say "THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming today!" Do you want to feel loved? Then you really need to try teaching those people in our community who are not given the chance to make art usually. I developed a special way of teaching painting that makes the process accessible for all ages and abilities, no matter physical problems or attention issues. This program was so popular that I began teaching other artists how to use this method to meet the demand and have a chance to experience the joy of sharing the secrets of art making in a way that is truly a therapeutic experience for many… Continue reading… 1 comment

Hello Fellow Artists, I have spent 25 years using my art talents to earn a living. I do sell my art work but I also have created another more stable income. And I can tell YOU how to have this business too. Are you wishing you could spend your workday drawing, mixing colors, and making a big difference in someone's life? Do YOU feel rewarded in your present job? You can have a job where people thank you everyday for teaching them to paint with this simple to learn method. Take a short training program and become an Art is 4 Every1 Certified Instructor. You will have the tools to start your own art business. Go to for full details and to register… Continue reading… 2 comments