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Eric Johnson About

I painted and was creative with different mediums as a young child. I have recently just started painting again. I paint for pleasure and to entertain your eyes. Let me know if you like what you see!! 1 comment


I am a banker and an MBA student focusing on finance. I was a cheerleader for the University of Hawaii and I speak Spanish. I like everything...almost. From music to art to wine, my tastes run the gamut. This can be seen in my work too!

I am most definitely a people person. I have no formal art training, which is not a problem. I've got an imaginative and creative mind that runs at break-neck speed. I love to express myself and I choose to do that through painting. I think my paintings are a reflection of my personality. Exciting, bold, vibrant, random, expressive, unique and ultimately fun and entertaining. I like to use lines, curves and shapes that overlap and move through each other. Painting for me is an experiment, a challenge. I like to take images in my mind and see how I express them through my painting. I love to paint and love to entertain. In the future, I will be upgrading and posting more of my work.


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