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lowertown art and music festival

by EFStudio , June 1, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: lowertown art and music…, oshkosh, paducah, watercolor...outside…, wi, wisconsin

a short report on our show last weekend in Paducah, Ky. we really enjoyed our time in Paducah...its a small town located in western Kentucky...just across the ohio river from illinois. its actually situated where the tennessee and ohio rivers come together. its a town with a rich history...much of which is portrayed on a series of murals that are painted on a flood wall that lines the river through the downtown area...very well done. the downtown area is filled with galleries, shops and eateries...a fun place to visit. and then there is "lowertown"...its an area of older homes a few blocks from downtown that is being revitalized into one of the largest art districts in the country. many homes have been converted into studio/gallery space for working artists who are being actively recruited to move to the area by local officials. we were impressed by the number and the quality of the artists who call paducah home. the art fair was held in the streets of lowertown and it made a perfect backdrop for a high quality event. the picture is of our booth "after dark" as the show stayed open til 10pm on friday and saturday evening. the people were friendly and proud of there hometown. it made for a fun weekend. a word...the musical part of the festival was fantastic. a nice mix of blues, americana and zydeco from some very talented acts. we would recommend this show to artists and patrons we think the future looks bright for Paducah. our next show is back in wisconsin...on june oshkosh...its the winnebagoland art fair...and we hope to see many of you there. thanks for reading.




  Deb Ward ( homepage )

06/02/2008 * 15:52:54

Thanks for the info on Paducah. I've heard a lot about it, but didn't know if it was all hype or true - now it definitely sounds like a good place to go for a long weekend.

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