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on the road again...

by EFStudio , May 26, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: il, old capitol art fair, springfield, watercolor...outside…

my apologies for the tardiness of this blog...we were on the road for ten days and I found myself with no internet I could not update the blog til now. our shows begin again on june 8th in oshkosh, wi...but more on that later. in the meantime I will report on our just completed road trip to springfield,il and paducah,ky. first up was the "old capital art fair"...held around the "old capital building" in downtown springfield on may 17th and 18th. it was quite a sight to see all the art fair tents set up around and on the grounds of this very historic is a beautiful setting. the weather was fantastic, the crowds were large and people came out to enjoy just being outdoors...after a long, long winter. this is a well run art fair with many very high quality artists...we plan on returning next year. next week I will report on the paducah, ky "lowertown art and music festival"...and after that we will be in oshkosh for a one day show on sunday, june 8th. thanks for reading... we'll see you soon at an art fair near you!



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