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back home...brrrr...

by EFStudio , May 6, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: watercolor...outside…, wisconsin

a rough day at olbrich garden...temps near 50?...cloudy with occasional rain (maybe a snowflake or two) and a gusty north wind. pretty much the opposite of what we were hoping for. thanks to the hearty folks who ventured out to the show! one of these years the weather will cooperate.

thankfully our trip back to wisconsin was uneventful...with decent weather all the way home.

now after having the upcoming weekend off(woo-hoo!)we look forward to our 10 day trip to shows in springfield,il and paducah,ky coming up later this month. hope to see some of you there.

the attached pic is of a very cold artist, that you might recognize, standing next to our booth at olbrich garden...can you see her shivering?

thanks for reading...



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