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siesta fiesta?

by EFStudio , April 7, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: fl fine art fair, florida, tarpon springs, watercolor...outside…

formerly known as "siesta fiesta"...but now officially named "the ocean avenue art and wine festival"...we think the show is pretty much still "siesta fiesta" and thats what most locals were calling it. its actually more of a big beach party than an art fair...and mostly just provides something to look at when folks weren't on the beach or in a bar/restaurant. it was quite a people watching scene. thankfully...we lucked out in the weather dept...with weekend rain chances predicted at upwards of 60%...most of the weekend was sunny and dry until late sunday afternoon when a few raindrops fell. our next show will be the tarpon springs fine art festival this coming weekend...april 12 & craig park on spring street up in tarpon springs. this is always a good art fair with lots of good artists, music and food. we look forward to a nice weekend in "tarpon". please call or email for more details or directions.

thanks for reading...have a great week... peace... p&b



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