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the florida wrap-up edition...

by EFStudio , April 6, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: artisphere fine art fair, cedar key, fernandina beach shrimp…, fine art fair, mainsail art festival, watercolor...outside…

wow! its been awhile since our last blog here...but I haven't heard any complaints so I think my suspicions are true that I've been blogging to an empty room. but what the is an update on what is coming up... april 21&22 we have mainsail in st pete april 28&29 we will be in cedar key may 5&6 we will be in fernandina beach, fl for our first time let us know if you want more details on these shows

may 12&13 we are on the waitlist for artisphere in greenville, sc (not sure what will happen with that) then we head for wisconsin and we have our first midwest show on... may 19&20 the old capitol art fair in springfield,il

our 2012 midwest schedule is taking shape and will be posted in our "about" section in the very near future.

thanks for reading...(if anyone is ;)




  Kathy Friberg

04/19/2012 * 23:11:50

OK Bruce, I am reading and I've missed your blogs. I've checked several times and no new blog. Glad to see you're back at it. Colony Cove is missing Peggy. I had a short season in FL this year and didn't get to call Peggy. Hi Peggy-I miss you. Maybe this will be the year I get to Lake Mills while I'm up in WI this summer. Hope your winter in FL has been good. Love your new art Peggy!! Miss you. Kathy Friberg


  Judith Kaye

04/06/2012 * 21:19:13

thank you for the wonderful workshop in Orlando at Webster University recently. I love the way the watercolor paint flows onto the canvas. I may be inspired to continue this. The thought of going back to my watercolor paper is definitely more confining. Thanks for the introduction into abstract art. I had a great time and you are an inspiring teacher.


  Nancy McCarthy

04/06/2012 * 13:42:13

Hi Peggy, Just finished your workshop this week and loved it! I have been analyzing my class work - finishing pieces and getting ready to do more small canvases. It was a fun two days and I finally got to see how you accomplished your unique style. I will look forward to seeing you in more of our Florida shows. The "after talk" from the workshop was an excellent "grade" for you. (and we do have a critical bunch of gals.) I will pass along the CFWS newsletter after it comes out next week. NM

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