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mt mary starving artist show...

by EFStudio , September 11, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: fine art fair, mt mary college, starving artist art fair, watercolor...outside…, wisconsin

hey...check out this picture from 1988...peggy at the mount mary starving artist show some 22 years ago. it was a long time ago..."BC" we like to call it..."before canopies". it was also "BB"...before bruce.

this will be the 42nd edition of this unique art fair...where all artwork is priced at $100 or less. peggy has been hard at work this week producing new original work for this show and she has really created some beautiful pieces...I think the patrons will be excited by what they see.

we have space number 15 along the outside perimeter at the northeast corner of the show. the weather looks to be ideal...with sunshine...temps in the mid 70's and no rain...we know there will be a large turnout for this popular late summer event.

have a great weekend...and thanks for reading!




  Mary Ann

09/14/2010 * 09:29:30

Enjoyed the image posted of the 1988 craft show! Brought back memories of participating in outdoor shows in the 70's ... displays were exactly the same as shown in your blog.

I also remember the first show I entered was at a RR station, with the entry fee being $1 for 10 ft of space. Ah, the good old days! Hope your show this year was successful.


  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

09/11/2010 * 13:41:44

I often wonder what I would do if I were ever invited to display my artwork in somewhat of a traveling show fashion. In Glasgow every year we have the Wild Bunch Art show and it consists of artists from around the region. This particular picture reminds me of one of those artists who had regular garage doors as things to hang art upon. I do believe the person even left the door knobs on. Just goes to show how create people can be even beyond their specialty.

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