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lake mills art festival...

by EFStudio , July 16, 2010—12:00 AM

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this is our weekend at the lake mills art festival takes place in downtown lake mills approx 1/2 block away from our home/studio. we host guy and kathy schmitz and bonnie and ron elvidge...friends who are in town to display at the art fair as well...we always have fun when these folks are in town...and look forward to their visit.

this one day art fair takes place on saturday in commons park and the weather forecast is for sunny skies and warm temps...but the showsite in the park is very well shaded by mature it should be quite comfortable for all.

attached is a painting of the "legion hamburger stand" a local landmark in downtown lake mills where they sell very popular burgers every friday thru the summer months. its the latest in a series of watercolors that peggy has done for a number of years of local scenes from around lake mills. we have these paintings reproduced on 6"×8" ceramic tiles and have the full series available in our booth. this is the only time we have any kind of a reproduction for sale as we continue to sell only one of a kind original pieces of peggys artwork. its not easy to do as these days most artists seem to be producing and selling giclee prints of their work...but peggy tries to keep her original work reasonably priced to be "within reach" for most patrons.

I think I'll get off my soapbox now and extend an invite to all to visit lake mills for the art festival...and enjoy a great summer weekend in this quaint little town.

thanks for reading...




  Carolyn Campbell

07/30/2010 * 13:37:17

I was out of town for the Lake Mills fair. How may I purchase the two tiles of the legion and the boathouses?
What is the price per tile?

Thank you

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