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talbot street art festival...

by EFStudio , June 11, 2010—12:00 AM

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we are leaving today for indianapolis and the talbot street art festival this weekend.

its been two weeks since my last post and in that time peggy has been busy painting and has come up with some great new I've included here...and we will have them all on display in our booth. we've also done a little reworking of our display and we are anxious to see how it looks when its all set up.

the weather forecast is iffy...but we are keeping our fingers crossed for any rain showers to be light and short-lived...and for the fine folks of indianapolis to come out and enjoy the artwork and the neat old neighborhood where the show is held.

next week we will be in another great old neighborhood up in minneapolis...for the stone arch art festival and then we go to des moines, ia for "the other art festival" on the final weekend in june.

we wish you all a great weekend and hope to see many of you on talbot street.

thanks for reading...




  Judith Frost

06/15/2010 * 19:44:18

Sunday at the street fair was a truly great day. I enjoyed all of your paintings and I'm looking forward to returning to my home in Northern California to find the perfect place for my small painting of yours. Thanks for being there. (It was my first time at the Talbot Street Fair). Best wishes on your future paintings.


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