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we have a weekend off...but check out this great blog entry by karen steffano...

by EFStudio , April 18, 2010—12:00 AM

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after ten in a row...

probably perfect timing for us as both of us have come down with some kind of head chest cold combo package that has just kicked our butts. mine more than peggy's as she seems much tougher than me and has been working pretty much right straight through it all...on pieces for next weekends art festival in cedar key. cedar key is one of the last unspoiled places left in florida...we are looking forward to a fun weekend.

our booth number is 120 and we are happy to be on an end spot so peggy will have room to demonstrate her painting technique.

we hope you can come out to the old florida celebration of art on historic cedar key...on april 24 & or email if you need any help finding cedar key.

here is a blog that I read this week that I think hits the nail right on the deals with art and more specifically good art...which I realize is quite a wide open topic...but I thought this was a well written piece by karen I thought I would include it here...I hope you enjoy it...

Its entitled..."does your art have soul?"...

"I__™ve been pondering for a while on what makes a work of art good or not. I won__™t say I__™m the world__™s expert on this subject; after all, I failed art criticism and had to repeat it the next year__"though you could look at this positively and say I got an extra year of study on the subject.

So what makes art good or not? Here are the things that are important to me:

1. Art needs to be interesting.

Does it have something to say? Is it able to hold your attention? As a collector, I look for art that won__™t bore me after it__™s been on my walls for a while.

2. Art shouldn__™t try too hard to be ___deep.___

I don__™t believe good art has to be particularly deep, or political, or philosophical. Sometimes it can be about quality of light or how colours work together. Or it can be about the subject__"capturing the essence of a person for example.

I prefer that it make me think a bit, but it shouldn__™t be so esoteric and out of reach that it needs an essay to explain it.

3. Art shouldn__™t be strictly commercial.

Technically slick art leaves me cold__"especially when you just know in your bones that the artist made it just for profit, and it has an overtly commercial ring to it.

4. Art should be unique.

Just making a beautiful, perfect copy of a photograph isn__™t enough. There needs to be something more, something that you couldn__™t find in a photograph alone.

5. Art needs to show the artist__™s heart.

I want to be able to see that the artist put his or her heart into the work; that it meant something to them. I want to feel that they will miss the piece once it has been sold.

I once chatted with a well known artist (this was a long time ago), who was happy to have sold some fabulous prints to a collector until she found out her prints were kept in a special drawer along with works by other artists for investment purposes only.

She was pretty dismayed to realize that her work was bought not for display but as ___money in the bank.___

6. Art needs to impress.

Not only should there be some evidence of heart, it needs to make me think, ___Wow, I wish I had done that.___ This is where great technical skill comes in, and if not that, then great thought and purpose.

When a work of art has all six of these things, it becomes so much more than just an image. A great work of art has soul.

Does yours?"

thanks for reading...and please feel free to leave any comments...



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