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blogging from leesburg...

by EFStudio , March 6, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: fl fine art fair, leesburg fine art fair, watercolor...outside…

hi all...

live from leesburg, fl...where it is sunny and cool...probably about 64 degrees and we are sitting on main street downtown and we have booth number 709. its 4pm and the crowd has thinned significantly. probably time to start hoping for a better day tomorrow.

we did have one good sale today to mr & mrs gary c. from leesburg...they purchased a pair of sand hill crane paintings and we are very appreciative of their kind patronage. attached is a pic of one of the pair.

on another positive note...peggy had two pieces selected for judging...which is always a nice compliment. she won a prize here last would be very nice to do that again. we'll find out tonight at the award dinner...we'll keep our fingers crossed til then.

next week we will be on the east coast for a three day art festival "under the oaks" in vero beach. its been tough for us to get into vero so we look forward to visiting there again. we hope to see you there.

thanks for reading...



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