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46th annual "art harvest" in dunedin, fl

by EFStudio , November 5, 2009—12:00 AM

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greetings from the sunshine state...

we have arrived in florida for the winter art fair season. we were happy to have a safe and uneventful trip down after stopping to deliver a commissioned piece to sue and brad w. in western springs, il. they have a beautiful home and the painting was a perfect addition to the kitchen/dining area. we thank them for their support.

our first art fair in florida will be this weekend...nov 7& dunedin, fl. its the 46th annual "art harvest". we will be in booth space #157 and look forward to our first time in this popular art fair. show hours are 10-5 both saturday and sunday and the weather looks to be near perfect for the weekend. we hope to see you there.

we have two more folks to thank for their support...pat and rudy p. from kansas city who recently took possession of another commissioned piece that will grace the fireplace wall of their very cool great room. we have heard that the piece has been installed and they are very happy with it. we thank them as well for their support. attached is a photo of the painting.

thanks for reading...



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