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a wild weekend in lake geneva...

by EFStudio , August 14, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: fine art fair, lake geneva, oconomowoc fine art festival, watercolor...outside…, wisconsin

last weekend was marked by a persistant weather system that seemed to have it in for the lake geneva fine art festival. it rained saturday morning from 7am til just before noon...making for a tough set-up. while many artists set up in the rain...some(us included)opted to wait it out and the show finally got going just after noon. the weather improved in the afternoon and a good crowd came out. sunday was almost the exact opposite...the day dawned sunny and warm but soon clouds rolled in and then just before 2pm the show directors came around closed the show and told the artists to breakdown right away as a line of pretty severe storms was bearing down on southeast wisconsin. we are thankful for their vigilance as we drove through some heavy rain and wind and lightning on our way home...hopefully they were able to get everyone out of there before the storms hit. one belated bit of good news we got this week...peggy received the best of show award...we found out about it on tuesday as the show ended on such a frantic note...the prizes couldn't be handed out before the weather moved in. this weekend we will be in oconomowoc, wi for the annual art fair in fowler park. the pic shown is a new piece we will have with us. here's hoping the weather will cooperate as we are looking forward to making our second visit to this popular art fair. thanks for reading...




  Vina Curtis

08/26/2009 * 12:21:46

It is so upsetting when the weather forces one to close up shop. But how wonderful that the directors were up with the weather information. I am writing to you really, to tell you what a wonderful painting that you have placed along side this blog. I just love it!

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