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Tossed & Found Art Blog in the park...

by EFStudio , July 24, 2009—11:26 AM

Topics: appleton, fine art fair, the getaway drivers, watercolor...outside…

the lake mills art fair weekend is history now...and a big thank you goes out to bonnie and ron and kathy and guy...who helped us pull off our annual double header...daytime art fair and evening house concert. the weather was a little cool and cloudy but everything went off without any major problems. attached is a pic of the band...(courtesy of guy s.)...and thanks to the "getaway drivers" for a great concert. we still have a few of their sampler cd's here if anyone is interested...let us know and we will arrange for you to get a copy. this sunday is the "art in the park" art fair in appleton. wi so we look forward to that...and we hope to see you there. thanks for reading...



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