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more artists...this way...

by EFStudio , June 9, 2009—02:50 PM

Topics: fine art fair, talbot street art fair, watercolor...outside…

if you are ever at an art festival and you see a sign similar to the one shown here...please consider following the arrows and taking a look at the booths they direct you to. usually a sign like this means that the show organizers have stuck some artists in a spot that is not part of the natural traffic flow of the show and is usually not readily visible to the patrons attending the show. most of the time it is because the show is only interested in getting bigger and adding the revenue from the extra booth fees and not thinking about how these poorly placed booth spaces will adversely affect the artists who end up with them. well...we drew one of these spots this past weekend at the edina art fair near minneapolis, mn...and we can report that it makes for a long, tough weekend. there were two areas of artists at this art fair that were located in parking lots away from the main traffic pattern of the show and were found and visited by only a small percentage of the patrons who attended the art fair. and all of these artists paid the same booth fees as artists on the main street. needless to say there were many unhappy artists in edina over the past weekend. while we enjoyed our time in the minneapolis area...we would probably not return to the edina show in the future...unless they did away with these outlying sections and gave all the artists good spaces located in the natural traffic flow of the festival. I better get off my soapbox now...and tell you whats coming up next... this coming weekend we visit indianapolis, in for the talbot street art fair...which is one of the longest running art fairs in the country. located a few blocks from downtown on a narrow tree lined street...this show is well attended and has many quality artists in attendance. its our second year at talbot...and we look forward to a great weekend. thanks for reading...



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