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the #4 peanut...

by EFStudio , December 10, 2008—12:00 AM

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read thru to the end for the story of the number four peanut...

we exhibited at the art market at burns court this past saturday...and we loved the area in downtown sarasota...with its many neat shops...thrift marts and eateries...not to mention the burns court cinema. hopefully this show will grow in stature as more artists and patrons learn of it. it is still too new to generate much of a turnout but plans are in the works to do some creative advertising in the downtown area. with all the folks who frequent the saturday farmers market which takes place at the same time and only a few blocks seems like the show has potential. I would say it is worth a walk thru if you are in the area...

this week we will be on anna maria island for the winterfest art fair...which takes place saturday and sunday in holmes beach. show hours are 10-5 and we hope to see a big turnout. its a fun show and they always have some good musical acts as a nice addition to the artwork. weather forecast looks great so come out and enjoy.

now for the number 4 peanut...last night we were playing cards with friends bonnie and ron and had some peanuts out for snacking on. peggy noticed that one of the peanuts had the skin removed and what remained was in the shape of a four. here is what we came up with...perhaps it was the libations talking?

"looking for the perfect gift for your brett favre fan? we have the answer...a genuine all natural dry roasted lightly salted peanut with the shape of a four on it in peanut skin. wouldn't this treasure look great framed or just displayed on a really tiny easel? approx size is 1/2"×9/16"×3/8"deep. we would take bids on this fine curiosity. thanks for reading.




12/21/2008 * 15:34:33

I must agree with dpe, you guys are completely nuts. however, i would now like to see this famed peanut. do you still have it?



12/10/2008 * 23:16:22

I want to know what you were drinking and how much?
What is the peanut laying on?
Who looks that close at nuts?

Having actually played cards with the 2 of you while enjoying libations this story does not surprize me at all. I just wish that we were there!!!

Miss you.
hugs from the COLD Cedarburg tundra!



12/10/2008 * 14:33:43

you guys are nuts!



12/10/2008 * 12:00:40

Give up the hard stuff?!#$?#!

Well, I really did not see that coming
but actually liked it better than some
of the sappy e-mails I receive that
have that sweet-heart-warming twist at
the end.

Is there anyway that you could connect
this Number 4 to the Virgin Mary?

I know that for many Brett has stepped down from being an icon with his deserting the Packers.
Kind of like when Jackie married Aristotle.
Go Pack!

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