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a big thank you...

by EFStudio , July 14, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: madison, off the square, watercolor...outside, wisconsin

to barbara and david...who came to the "off the square show" in madison, wi and went home with this original watercolor painting. we really appreciate their patronage. the picture I have posted here of peggy and barbara holding the new artwork was snapped by david with his brand new I-Phone that he was trying out for the first time. we had a lot of fun meeting them at the off the square show and we hope they get years of enjoyment from their purchase. check back for more about the show tomorrow. thanks for reading...





07/29/2008 * 10:24:31

The beautiful watercolor painting went perfectly in our blue living room. I've had wonderful comments about it. My son said, "that is so you, Mom".

Thanks you for making such a lovely picture to grace our wall.


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