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talbot street art fair, indianapolis

by EFStudio , June 17, 2008—12:00 AM

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after two weeks of rain in wisconsin...causing last weekends deforest art fair to be cut short and the oshkosh fair to be canceled was great to have beautiful weather in indianapolis this past weekend for the talbot street art fair. its one of the longest running art fairs having been started in 1955 on talbott street in downtown indy. they have a neat little history on their website with some pictures from back in the early days. big crowds came out to browse and buy and sales seemed good for most on saturday...sunday was a bit slower. all in all it was a good weekend and downtown indianapolis is a fun place with much to do and see. this weekend we are headed back to indiana for the leeper park art fair which is in south bend. we did this show two years ago and are looking forward to going back. thanks for reading... peace




  Deb Ward ( homepage )

06/18/2008 * 22:18:11

Wish I had known about that sooner! At the Leeper Park fair - if you run into Steve Blackburn (he usually does that one) please tell him I said hello!
I enjoy reading about all of the fairs you and your husband do - and I give you credit for braving the weather, heat, bugs etc. When I was young we went to Treasure Island, FL every year so I know exactly where Passa Grille (sp) is - only then it was not an area for tourists! Good luck to you.

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