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Peggy Furlin

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for "the other art festival" held at the iowa state runs saturday and sunday...we have some great new paintings to show..… Continue reading… 0 comments

we need to pass along a huge thank you to the folks in indianapolis who came out to support the 56th annual talbot street art fair this past weekend. we caught a break with the weather on saturday as the predicted storms never materialized and then on sunday it was chamber of commerce weather which was really welcome after an early spell of hot and humid weather in the midwest. we have several folks in particular to thank for their support and patronage at talbot st. it was a fabulous show for us and these are some of the new friends who went along way towards making that happen... nancy s, rosemarie k, peggy w, cynthia w, the kelley's, the dornfeld's... and a special thank you to the caldwell's and the albert's...the albert's sent us a picture of the painting they bought..… Continue reading… 0 comments

this weekend we will be in des moines, the state fairgrounds for the "other" art festival. its a big weekend in des moines as the downtown art fest is going on as well. there is a shuttle bus that runs back and forth between the shows so we hope folks will take advantage of that and visit both of these fine art fairs. the nice thing about our show is that it is held indoors. and on a weekend when the temps will be in the 90's and will feel pretty comfortable inside our air conditioned exhibition hall. I've attached another new painting that peggy has finished up this week and we will have it on disply in des moines this weekend. thats all for now...we hope to see you in iowa this weekend. thanks for reading… Continue reading… 0 comments

we are leaving today for indianapolis and the talbot street art festival this weekend. its been two weeks since my last post and in that time peggy has been busy painting and has come up with some great new I've included here...and we will have them all on display in our booth. we've also done a little reworking of our display and we are anxious to see how it looks when its all set up. the weather forecast is iffy...but we are keeping our fingers crossed for any rain showers to be light and short-lived...and for the fine folks of indianapolis to come out and enjoy the artwork and the neat old neighborhood where the show is held. next week we will be in another great old neighborhood up in minneapolis..… Continue reading… 1 comment

indianapolis and minneapolis...our previous two art fairs were talbot street in indy and stone arch in minneapolis. both events were blessed with pretty good weather and they both drew big crowds. after our "lost weekend" in was nice to actually have patrons filling the walkways in front of our booth for these past two events. stone arch seemed to have the bigger crowds but for us the show at talbot was one of our better shows of 2009. we had three additions to the "peg-heads" (patrons purchasing large original works) and we really appreciate their well as the support of anyone who stopped by and bought some art or who simply wanted to chat about the art. thanks for coming out to the festival. this weekend we will be in des moines, iowa..… Continue reading… 1 comment