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by ecrider102938 , September 7, 2009—12:07 PM

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Hey I'm Emily. I am in college in Texas right now trying to get a degree in art education. I was a very anal anxious person in highschool and that's part fo the reason I went through a four year severe depression. My art work was eaact, right on the dot, and very realistic. When I got out of the depression and became a happy person, my art changed completely. I now use very vibrant colors even if they aren't representational, my lines aren't straight all the time, and generally my art is not realistic and is more abstract Impressionistic and expressionistic. I like to convey my feelings with the colors that I use onto the surface. That being said, you will find my art to contrast with one another. And you will probably like some of it and hate the other half lol. Thanks for reading this and make sure to sign my guest book.




  Rebecca Wise Girson ( homepage )

09/09/2009 * 18:00:51

Emily- you're stuff is great. Don't you find it much more FUN to paint this way? We have that in common. I like to paint abstract/non-represenational art because the creation process is so much more enjoyable. I find that I'm much less critical of my work this way...who needs that!?!? Keep up the great work!


  Dan Godzieba ( homepage )

09/07/2009 * 19:59:08

In Nature, all colors coexist in all combinations. As Artists, we have a little more insight than most into what works well, and can reproduce combinations in predictable ways. But, that kind of certainty also shows us where our "boundaries" are, so we can break them!
If you want "Expressionism", go for it! Kick up the color and line work and paint because you like the results. Your motivation for painting will come thru in the work only if you’re being honest and painting from within.
Stay happy!


  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

09/07/2009 * 12:36:40

Your colors are wonderfully alive - I love the bluebonnets, and the abstract drips/splatters - great work.

And thank you for your comment on my blueberries.

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