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I am an art education student at a local private university. I enjoy dealing with people because there's always something interesting that they can do or that can happen. They are very unpredictable. So I think I will enjoy teaching. I think I want to teach children in elementary school because they intimidate me less than high schoolers do. I really enjoy self-expression through art! 5 comments


I was homeschooled up until middle school in fort worth by my mother with my two older brothers. Then I went to middle and high school in Aledo, Texas when we moved. I had a great difficulty transitioning from homeschooling to public school and especially in middle school! I like quiche and alcohol, but not together lol. And because of this I am learning that I must exercise a whole lot more than I would like to. But I eat and drink mostly in moderation and that's the way most things should be! I am still a college student and will be for another three semesters after this particular one. I listen to most music except death metal, which my bf likes too much. I hope you enjoy my art!!! Please leave a message in my guestbook!!! Thanks a lot and have a great day!


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