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Diane McNeil Art Blog

Copper Red Glaze

by EBPottery , February 1, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: functional potttery, glaze, handmade pottery

We've been able to find and develop glazes that will get a good copper red consistently. I say we, but I mean John.

Glaze chemistry is way beyond my ability, or even interest. John, though, is always researching new glazes. Finding the perfect glaze is not the most important part of glaze research and chemistry, though.

The shape, the purpose, the space the pot takes up on the table or shelf: that's what the ultimate goal is. It's not enough to have this too cool for school glaze, you have to have the right shape in mind, too. Each piece is a useful, functional sculpture. The glaze is an integral part of the whole.

So, getting the Holy Grail of glazes, the perfect copper red, is just chemistry.



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