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Noah Foster About

Interested in deepening the mystery in Art, The Artist generates work in dialogue with meaning structures, human ontological presence, the body as fluid adaptive form, the psycho-sexual connection with process, ambivalent states, psycho-geographical dislocation, abstraction as purity and contemporary norms. Add Comment


Born in 1973 in the San Lorenzo Valley coastal mountain range to Scotch/Irish lineage. Mother Marguerite Foster (MFA Theatre Arts at Humbolt) and adoptive father Paul Foster (Deceased)(MFA UCDavis, studied with Arneson). Pater Robert Gilbert resident of Snohomish Chalet (TBI from DUI 1974). Divorced to Elvira (Jill) Amanda Sweifach. American Heritage Ancestry, descendent of John C. Calhoun (Vice President of USA twice, US Senator and Secretary of War over Andrew Jackson). Descendant of Judge Isaac Foster, Gold Rush Pioneer, founder of California Orchard Company and the City of San Jose (original owner of Almaden Valley, built the first San Jose City Hall of pink stone quarried there).

Studio history in Boulder Creek CA, Santa Cruz CA, San Francisco CA, Brooklyn NY, Long Island City NY, Manhattan NY. Self motivated, The Artist has ample material from life rendering education redactive.


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New York
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