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Elaine Berglund About

One makes oneself a visionary by a long, immense, and reasoned disordering of the senses. - RIMBAUD It seems to me that Art is an abstract formula, an elegant resolving to an order, the infinite interaction of elements. It is this mysterious puzzle of relationship between form, shape, color, and arrangement, that calls me to notice it, motivates me to record it, honors me by revealing parts of an awesome pattern of wholeness. Life is so much bigger than I can even begin to imagine. Before I get dizzy in the contemplation of that___ This site is set up in galleries so you don__™t get dizzy in the mystery. The Portraits Gallery is figurative paintings- the mysterious relationship puzzle between the form that lives thoughts. The Abstracts Gallery the mysterious puzzle of relationship between the ideas and the shape they take. The Land Gallery presents the paintings that are parts of the mysterious pattern puzzle of our relationship to Earth. In this gallery reflections on the idea of indigenous people, (aside from the fact that we are all indigenous,___ well, there is nothing aside from that fact), we are earth, and the nature of the responsibility of guardianship. The primary medium is acrylic paint on canvas. I use acrylic paint because I love the luminous intensity of the colors, they dry fast, can be slowed down however not to the point of interfering with time. There are some encaustic pieces (acrylic paint on a beeswax and resin base, usually on hardboard) which because of its immediacy, demands one to see the perfection of the moment. Batik for the same reason ( or perhaps it is just the great smell of bees wax). I am always experimenting with new ideas, materials, tools, stimulated by travel, reading, sitting in the rain. Fortunately, curiosity is a big part of the job description. Add Comment


Elaine Berglund began exhibiting her work in the 1980__™s The forms of her art has moved through batiks, clothing design, murals, jewelry, and jewelry boxes made of paper, papier m__ch__ bowls, silk screen, copper etching.

Elaine__™s acrylic paintings reflect her interest in the human form__™s expression of a moment of energy and movement. She is self-taught by many influences- a rural upbringing, French and M__tis heritage, a large family, the gift to see angels and energy, and the incredible freedoms that are part of this culture.

Elaine exhibits annually at Centre D__™Arts Visuels de l__™Alberta. These pieces incorporate all the art forms she has explored: batik, papier m__ch__, painting and plaster.

Elaine has been a participant in the Jazz__™Art Festival for Cente D__™Arts Visuels de l__™Alberta throughout Alberta.

She teaches art classes in batik, multi-media and centering in creativity through Centre D__™Arts Visuels d__™Alberta. (SAVA/CAVA) Edmonton AB

She is an artist in the Rowles Gallery. Her work for corporate art can be viewed at Her work is in a large number of personal and corporate collections.

(available on request)

Elaine is a perpetual student in the Shamanic tradition of Earth medicine: this study harmonizes her interests and study of holistic medicine, energy healing and movement, the art of a life.


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