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Debbie Wilhelm Siraco About

Debbie hopes her paintings serve as a reminder of how sacred our earth is. Painting brings joy, balance, love of self, and compassion for our natural environments , into her life. Her hope is that viewer connects with that joy or is inspired to create their own art. She has much gratitude for the opportunity to share her pieces with all of you and thanks you for your interest. You can view some of my paintings in person at the Fresh Ayer Gallery in Old Lyme, Connecticut . She also has small works at the French Hen in Essex, Connecticut. 25 comments


Debbie began her artist life 38 years ago when her mother gave her a set of paints and canvas for her birthday, which ignited a lifelong passion for painting the outdoors. She grew up on the Connecticut shoreline and has traveled through most of New England, Canada, the Caribbean,the Southwest, and last summer, the Pacific Northwest for her inspiration.

Most of her painting subjects come from photographs she has taken herself of these magical places ,especially her first love the ocean.

Debbie's intentions when painting have changed over the years. When she was a young student, the ability to create a realistic representation was her primary goal. Now on the other side of fifty, painting has become a true spiritual practice. As paintings evolve, her intention is to evoke a feeling or a connection to a time and place in our natural world.

Debbie has a Bachelor of Science degree in art education from SCSU and has taken many private art lessons, as a young adult with local artists. Although her abilities originally stemmed from those lessons, she has since been self taught. By layering from darks to lights in acrylic paint, she prides herself in never having a stagnant palette. When you look closely, you can detect an array of colors within the bark of a tree, in the sand on the beach, or in a single cloud in the sky. Its important that all her pieces draw you in with a light source, whether it's a sunrise, dusk, or diffused light through the canopy of a forest, the light creates a presence of life.


East Lyme
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