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As a homage to my Dutch roots and because I am intrigued by the beauty of their paintings, I have adopted the technique and style of the Old Dutch still life Masters. I paint in layers, starting with a grisaille followed by glazes, and keep a strong colour presence and classical lighting, making objects glow. Through the use of simple color schemes, a limited number of objects, and the introduction of plenty of dead space around the objects, the paintings are clearly focused and bring out the beauty of everyday things. As the main aim, my paintings convey calm and invite the viewer to quietly reflect. The objects are painted life-size or greater and the objects are perched at eye level to suggest a direct communication between the objects and the viewer, with which I suggest that everyday things are our equals and worth noticing. This is enhanced through the detailed rendering of the objects. In my opinion, still life is a genre well worth keeping alive in modern times. 1 comment


Tanja Moderscheim grew up in the south of The Netherlands. She moved to New Zealand for her MSc studies in Biology and in 2006 completed her PhD in stroke research (Auckland). She now lives in London.

Her studies in biology and neuroscience allowed her to further develop her sense of detail and observational skills. When taking up oil painting, these determined her painting style. She is and has been represented by the ComposeArt Gallery (Auckland), Thornton Gallery (Hamilton), Off the Beach Gallery (Maraetai) and Arts Desire (Warkworth). Her work can also be found in private collections in New Zealand, the US and The Netherlands. She is now producing new work in London.